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  • Understanding your legal requirements for mental health and duty of care in TV.

  • Creating policies and procedures bespoke to your company and offering practical advice on implementation and management.

  • Helping you foster a culture that welcomes conversations around mental health and celebrates neurodiversity.

  • TV-specific training advice.

  • I-ACT Mental Health Training for Managers. *coming soon


  • Providing hands-on welfare services 
    and overseeing all aspects of duty of care and welfare for your production.

  • Implementing a production-specific Welfare and Wellbeing plan.

  • Implementing a production-specific Mental Health Risk Assessment.

  • Implementing production-specific Duty of Care Protocols and Risk Assessments.

  • Sourcing Production Psychologists and working in tandem with them throughout production.

  • Guiding the editorial and casting teams to ensure contributor welfare is key throughout production.

  • Point of contact for contributors and crew for all welfare and wellbeing concerns throughout production.

  • On-set welfare and mental health support.

  • Pre and Post transmission support.

  • Wellbeing services designed to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all your cast and crew. 

  • Helping you foster a mentally healthy and supportive environment on productions - reducing stress and gaining optimal performance.

  • Providing a Mental Health and Wellbeing Plan and Risk Assessment.

  • Advising producers and heads of departments on how to prevent stress and mental health issues and meet their legal duty of care to the crew and cast.

  • Providing robust on-set support to all cast and crew with their own mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Offering evidence-based non-clinical interventions covering:
    resilience, stress, mindfulness, breathwork and distress reduction.


  • Signposting and guidance for clinical help and support.

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